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Our company, Advanced Abstract, is the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania title company that people in this area have been turning to for over 25 years. This level of experience says a lot about the reputation that we have built, and we greatly value the clientele that we have served here in town. Stroudsburg is one of the most important cities in the Pocono Mountain region of the state, and residents enjoy many benefits, including world-class outdoor activities and easy access to higher education. Wherever you may be located, whether it is in Arlington Heights, Borough Center, Foxtown Hill, or Hamilton Square, Advanced Abstract is the Stroudsburg, PA title insurance company that you can rely on to ensure safe real estate transactions.

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Property Title Searches

When you are purchasing a home, you are making a very important, very large investment. Most people commit to 30 year mortgages, so you are looking at a long-term commitment. You have to make sure that everything is on the up and up when the property is changing hands, and this is where a title search comes in. If you engage our company to perform a Stroudsburg, PA real estate title insurance search, our experts will scour public records to examine the chain of ownership. We will make sure that there are no liens, leases, easements, outstanding mortgages, or other encumbrances that can come back to haunt you later on. Plus, as the name of our company would suggest, we also provide title abstracts. A title abstract service will go further with regard to researching the history of the property’s ownership.

The title search or title abstract is going to protect you as the buyer, but the mortgage company that is providing financing for the purchase of the property will also be very interested in the results. If everything is order after the real estate title search has been completed, title insurance will come next. The title insurance company will issue a title policy that will protect you, and it will also protect the mortgage lender.

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Escrow Service & 1031 Exchange Counseling

As an escrow company, we also hold monies that are held and eventually transferred, and an escrow agent will be necessary during the closing process. Plus, if you are interested in a 1031 exchange to mitigate exposure to capital gains taxes when you are selling a commercial or investment property, we can facilitate the process for you.

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