Title Company in Reading PA, Easton PA, Stroudsburg PA, Allentown PA, and Surrounding Areas

During a transfer of ownership of a property, it is the title insurance that protects buyers and mortgage lenders against any scam or defects. Advanced Abstract, being a renowned title company since 1991, is here to provide a valuable solution for all your real estate problems. Our staff has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to carry out full-time title research for our clients quickly and efficiently. It is our flexible, detailed services of our licensed agents that allow us to get the title searches done right and on time for you. We offer services like whether the title you are purchasing can be insured or not, if any loss occurs on your title policy, we will defend your rights to the title and pay the losses. We even work with your attorneys to sort out any other insurance needs. our clients in the regions of Reading PA, Easton PA, Stroudsburg PA, Allentown PA, and Bethlehem PA can choose from a wide selection of title insurance products.

Title Company in Reading PA, Easton PA, Stroudsburg PA, Allentown PABelow we have mentioned the top 3 reasons why we should be your premier choice. Take a look.

  • Protecting your privacy while providing service

We know that most people want their personal information to stay non-public. We are here to provide buyers the quickest and most reliable real estate options all the while safeguarding their personal information.

  • Accurate information when you need them

We offer services like FHA, VA mortgages, short sale, new construction, refinancing, and 1031 exchanges. With us providing you accurate, trustworthy, and genuine information when you need it the most, you will be able to manage your purchases, additional mortgages and equity transaction easily.

  • Eliminates risk from buying property

The title insurance is basically about eliminating risk involved in the purchasing of property. These insurances are designed to state the quality of ownership and other interest as of a specific moment in time.

So, if you are looking for a company that provides title insurance, you can give us a call on 610-740-9100.