Title Company in Easton PA, Reading PA, Bethlehem PA and all the Surrounding Areas

Advanced Abstract is a title company serving the areas of Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Reading PA and Stroudsburg PA. They do title searches and can offer you title insurance. If you are in the process of buying property or planning to buy property, then you should think about title searches and title insurance. These services are provided by a title company such as Advanced Abstract. They offer these services for residential properties, commercial properties as well as refinanced titles.  

Title Company, Easton PA, Reading PA, Bethlehem PA

When you buy property it is important to know that you will receive a title that is clear of defects.  Defects in title can occur for many reasons. Potential title defects include missing signatures, illegal seller, fraudulent signatures, altered documents, mistakes and errors, unrecorded heirs, liens, tax claims, unpaid mortgages, unrecorded obligations and so on. 

A title search will uncover common defects in title. Once a defect is found, action can be taken to remedy it before the sale is finalized. However, there could still be defects in title that are not revealed by the title search. That is where title insurance comes in. Should a defect in title surface in the future, title insurance will protect your financial interests. 

Advanced Abstract is a licenses and registered title company and they have many years’ experience with title searches and title insurance. They will study public record with a fine-tooth comb and determine which rights are associated with the property. For example you need tot know the person selling the property can legally do so. A title company will provide you with a title report, so you can be confident you will be able to take possession of the property as planned. 

If you want to be sure there are no legal problems associated with the property you are buying, the you should contact a title company.