Property Title Search in Reading PA, Stroudsburg PA, Allentown PA, and Nearby Cities

In current times, a title search has become a necessity when buying a home as every property has a history. The title search will establish from the public records what the rights of the property are and who owns them. Advanced Abstract has been providing property title search services for residential, commercial properties over the past 2 decades. We know that purchasing a home a big investment, so our seasoned and highly-knowledgeable staff provides assurance that the title is valid. They even determine whether the title can be insured for your safety. We take great pride in the fact that we are the licensed agency for Stewart Title, First American Title, and Fidelity National Title. The people of Reading PA, Stroudsburg PA, Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, and Easton PA always rely on Advanced Abstract before agreeing to the terms of the sale and getting all the finances in order.

Property Title Search in Reading PA, Stroudsburg PA, Allentown PABelow we have mentioned 3 reasons why property title search is an absolute necessity. Take a look.

  • Errors in public records

Mistakes in titles to a property can be adverse mistakes. Be it clerical or filing errors it can affect the deed of your property and can cause undue financial strain. Discrepancies like these can ruin a deal and lead to loss of potential customers.

  • Unknown liens

If the prior owners of your house were not regular taxpayers, it might be a problem for you. Though such debt is not yours to pay, the bank can place liens on your property for the unpaid portion of the debt. Without a careful title search, these old unpaid taxes would have become the problem of the new owner of the property.

  • Missing heirs

After a person dies, the ownership gets transferred to their heirs. Sometimes these heirs cannot be traced and sometimes the owners die without a bill. Such a situation might create a problem in the sale if the matter revolving around the parents’ estate has not been resolved. A title search will save you from falling in such situations.

So, if you want any other detail on a property title search, you can contact our experts.