Property title search in Easton, Reading, Allentown, PA 

All that you need to know about property title search

A title search indeed is a mandate prior to investing in any real estate. It will ensure that you possess the legal rights of selling a property thereby ensuring that there exists no form of encumbrances like mortgages or liens or property line problems which stop the buyer to take full possession. If you need a company that can assist you with your property title search then call us at Advanced Abstract. The title searchers in our company are extremely professional and dedicated in their service and thus will not get distracted by different other jobs which means they will concentrate solely on the job of title searching. So joining hands with them makes sense. The different areas that we serve include the different parts of Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Reading PA, and Stroudsburg PA.

The Advanced Abstract Difference

Every title searcher in our company is highly skilled in locating and also organizing specific information needed for various forms of transactions related to the real estate. They will ensure in reducing costs, boost up the real estate report accuracy, provide expanded coverage areas and lower the turnaround time. What sets us apart is that we leverage our round the clock operations, quality control procedures as well as skilled resources for offering finest solutions. For conducting a current or a full title search, our searchers will locate the below mentioned public records namely,

  • Court dockets- while filing a lien, judgment or a lawsuit our title searchers will look for court records of pending lawsuits or encumbrances which may become encumbrances
  • Divorce decrees and marriage licenses- the names that appear on the title is likely to change through court order, marriage or divorce. Divorce decrees and marriage licenses will offer proof of the name changes that affects the marital property rights
  • Mortgages- most people buy real estate through financing, which is offered by the mortgage lenders. In fact a mortgage is indeed a voluntary lien which is against the property title. Our searchers will look for mortgages, which has not been fully paid
  • Domestic relations- many states in recent years have enacted legislation which places a lien automatically against personal property and real estate of persons who actually owe aberrant child support obligations
  • Estate filings and death certificates- if the owner of a property passed away while the title had been transferred via an estate, the search will obtain either an estate filing or proof of death

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