Property Title Search and Title Search in Allentown, Easton, Reading PA and Surrounding Areas

A property title search will help protect your real estate investments

If you need a property title search in Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Reading PA, or Stroudsburg PA, then Advanced Abstract can help. If you plan to buy real estate you need to be sure the tile to that property is free from defects and tags. A defect would be some right or entitlement attached to the land.  Somebody else might have some right to the property and you need to know about it before you purchase the land.

It is a good idea to hire a title company to do the property title search for you. A property title search will uncover all abstracts related to the property and if any of them indicate a defect, the matter should be rectified before you finalise the purchase.

A title company will obtain deed information from different sources such as a County Courthouse. Some papers and documents may need to be processed and checked manually and it can be a laborious process. A title company will also perform online searches using tools such as a county assessor.  A complete and thorough title search can reveal important legal information about the property you intend to purchase. Below are some examples:

  • Does the seller have free and clear title to pass on?
  • Are there any 3rd party rights against the land?
  • Are there any liens or servitudes?
  • Are there any potentially defective abstracts?
  • Are the borders of the property clearly and legally defined?

A property title search can provide you with

  • An ownership chronicle
  • Property tax history and tax status
  • Mortgage and liens report
  • Foreclosure report

A property title search could uncover fraudulent or defective documents. For example, documents with false or forged signatures.

Property transactions involve large sums of money and it makes sense to protect your interests with a professional title search and even title insurance.

Allentown, Reading, Stroudsburg PA Property Title Search from Advanced Abstract provides you with affordable peace of mind when buying property. Contact us!